Ready Player One References

10 Pop Culture References from Ready Player One That You May Have Missed (SPOILERS)

9. The Batmobile, Christine, a Tron light-cycle and the A-Team’s van in the Virtual Race

9. The Batmobile, Christine, a Tron light-cycle and the A-Team’s van in the Virtual Race


That initial virtual race features a number of Easter eggs and reference, from a T-Rex that look suspiciously like one of Jurassic Park’s giant reptiles (but then again, there are a lot of movies with dinosaurs in them) to King Kong as the final obstacle, gobbling cars up right before the finish line.

This race is also a treasure trove of pop culture artifacts, as users get to drive seemingly whatever vehicles they want, from whatever era of film and television they want. That means we get a glimpse of the original 1960s TV Batmobile (Batman himself makes a cameo earlier in the movie), the evil car from John Carpenter’s adaptation of Stephen King’s Christine, a light-cycle from Tron and even the van from cheesy 80s TV show The A-Team. There’s a lot to take in during this race, so keep your eyes open.

8. DC characters and Devo during the nightclub scene


Batman isn’t the only DC character to make a cameo in Ready Player One. When Parzival and Art3mis meet up at The Distracted Globe, a zero-gravity nightclub inside the OASIS, they encounter a number of familiar faces. Notably, both The Joker and Harley Quinn make appearances among the crowd, but for our money, the most delightful cameo is the bartender from DEVO, complete with his own Energy Dome.

Did you see any other pop culture icons make an appearance in the The Distracted Globe? Let us know in the comments.[/nextpage]


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