Ready Player One References

10 Pop Culture References from Ready Player One That You May Have Missed (SPOILERS)

1. Goro, Halo Spartans, Lara Croft and Tracer in the Final Battle

Tracer from Overwatch in Ready Player One

More than a movie about pop culture, however, Ready Player One is a movie about video games, and video game characters get their own due in the final battle. Users in the avatars of Lara Croft (recently seen in her own big screen outing), the Spartans from Halo, Goro from Mortal Kombat and even Tracer from Overwatch appear in the final battle, overcoming the odds to take control of the OASIS from IOI and Nolan Sorrento.

The inclusion of some of the more recent character suggests that Spielberg is prepping the world for the pop culture influence of current video games. Will we still remember Overwatch in 2045? This movie is betting that we will.[/nextpage]

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