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11 Fake Video Games We Wish Were Real

"Fix-It Felix, Jr." - Wreck-It Ralph

“Fix-It Felix, Jr.” – Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph may have headlined his own movie, but he was never the lead character in his own game. That distinction belongs to Fix-it Felix, Jr., the titular handyman who spends his days cleaning up Ralph’s messes as the protagonist in Fix-it Felix, Jr.

In the movie, Fix-It Felix, Jr. plays like a distant descendent of the Game and Watch series, which includes classic disaster relief efforts like Manhole, Fire, and Oil Panic. That simplicity is also what makes Fix-It Felix so appealing. The Game and Watch games were high-wire juggling acts in which you needed quick reflexes to keep everything from falling apart, and that kind of addictive gameplay has never gone out of style. Ralph is a Donkey Kong figure trying to destroy a high rise apartment. Felix is the handyman who patches up the cracks in the wall, and the result is Rampage in reverse.

Thanks to a Disney-released promotional tie-in for iOS and a fan-made port for the Sega Genesis, Fix-It Felix, Jr. is technically more playable than most of the games on this list (you can swap Fix-It Felix for Sugar Rush if you’re a stickler for rules). We’d argue that neither is a substitute for the pure experience of an arcade cabinet, which would have been a hit with record chasers had it been around in the 1980s.

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