15 Worst Video Game Movies

15 Worst Video Game Movies of All Time

Assassin's Creed

14. Assassin’s Creed

Michael Fassbender is the rare actor that attracts excitement for a film just by being in it, meaning that fans were especially pleased to discover he would be reteaming with his
Macbeth director Justin Kurzel for the long-awaited, big budget adaptation of Assassin’s Creed, the uber-popular EA game that spent almost a decade in development.

When it came out, fans were surprised at how little passion there seemed to be for the source material. It was all very handsomely mounted with good special effects, the film gave fans that leap of faith into a cart full of hay that they had been anticipating. The problem is that when you take the source material too seriously in a video game adaptation, you might also be removing a crucial factor from the formula: this movie isn’t any fun.

13. Resident Evil: Afterlife


Resident Evil Afterlife
Listen, we’re only putting one
Resident Evil movie on this list, otherwise might take up a quarter of the article. That movie is Afterlife, the fourth film in the series, and the one that reteams original director Paul W.S. Anderson with his wife, Milla Jovovich, who plays series heroine Alice. In this iteration, she wanders through a post-outbreak Los Angeles (played by Toronto, of course) searching for survivors.

As with the other movies in the Resident Evil series, Alice must fend off infected zombies created by the Umbrella Corporation and, as with the other movies, Afterlife is long on action and short on plot. Anderson has earned a cult following of admirers in recent years for his confusing, slapdash way of cutting action scenes together (and, admittedly, he has a knack for creating some memorable compositions within those scene), but most of us are not among that cult.

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