House of Cards Chapter 62

House of Cards Chapter 62 Recap

Tom Yates gives us all a word of the day: “crepuscular” meaning relating or resembling twilight, and in zoology an animal who appears mostly at night or active in twilight. Under cover of darkness the Underwoods execute their machinations, and if there’s anything to be gleaned from Claire’s newly acquired Mark Rothko, darkness is on the horizon.

An Ancient Concept

Photos of the American scientist apparently murdered off the stranded Russian vessel make their way to Claire’s desk. She goes full Elsa on everybody letting the recovery team of the body lose it in transit and when Tom snoops around asking questions, she’s all like, “Let it Go. Let it Go.”

“Left for dead is an ancient concept.” — Claire “Would Have Totally Killed Otzi” Underwood

Like the frozen and immortalized Otzi, Aidan Macallan didn’t see his murderer coming. He escaped, or more realistically he was released, from the Jordanian Embassy and finds Leann in a parking lot and asks her to come away with him. She can’t and their goodbye kiss is not one of a man that used to date a young woman’s mother, the mouth-to-mouth action has more history of the romantic variety. When Leann receives the message from Mac he’s dead, it comes with three security questions. Two are innocent enough, but one sticks out, “What did you leave in the hotel room in Austin” makes me think their relationship was sexual.

It seems as though many more will be left for dead if Claire and Frank decide to go along with Jane’s plan to allow a chemical attack on the city of Homs to go forward so that American military can swoop in and the Underwood declaration of war can be justified.

Doug goes back into full creep mode when he finds out where Lisa lives. She’s one of the last people left who might be the key to unlocking his murderous actions and at first it seems like he’s just trying to talk to her — to manipulate her — about how much he misses Rachel. However, the feelings seem genuine, as though he is making a real confession. Lisa is left to live another day and Doug empties a syringe that he was supposedly going to inject her with to make her death look like an accident. Is this Doug Stamper feeling guilt?

For The Good of the Party

House of Cards Chapter 62

Cathy is mortified by the plan for Homs and goes directly to Jane to try and figure out a way around it. Jane Davis is even more conniving than she seems at first, playing that she has no idea what she’s talking about. Old friends mean nothing to her. Except maybe Mark, the two seem on equal footing when it comes to their ability to manipulate and control, and their peer reviews they separately give to Frank and Claire might mean they really don’t trust one another – like they say – or perhaps they are working together?

We see a crack in Mark’s trademark cool headedness when Alex the Tenacious basically demands Frank resigns. He tells him to shut the fuck up and it looks like the end for Alex, also considering Walker intends to plead the fifth during the hearing and Alex will look like a fool.

“It never ceases to astonish me how talented men are at making a mess.” — Jane “Preach It Girl!” Davis

Although foolishness and pride might be working for The Declaration of War Committee when Frank decides he’ll have a little chat with Garrett the Usurped. Claire knows and warns this is a bad idea, and is it just me or is Frank more bossy with Claire now that he’s technically her boss. Shit hits the fan when Frank riles up Walker just enough so that he testifies that Frank orchestrated the Chinese financial scandal and now Frank is toast.

But where does that leave Claire?

Dead Men Tell No Tales 

House of Cards Chapter 62

It was Jane who orchestrated Aidan’s murder, not that she’ll ever admit to it. Unlike Claire who in her pillow talk session with Tom she confesses Frank killed Peter and Zoe Barnes (why does no one actually use just her first name in the show? It’s like she’s an old grade school friend that you only refer to by their first and last name). Tom stops her from her “Out damned spotting” although I might be wrong to compare Claire (again) to Lady M. Guilt does not undo her, nor does it distract her from her ultimate goal.

“You don’t scare me.” — Tom “Your Spots Are Fine” Yates
“I should.” — Claire “It’s Okay I Got A Tide Stick” Underwood

Outside the Oval

Dirty Hamm – We find out Hammy is feeding the information to Sean Hayes through his girlfriend in order to shake up Doug and the administration into thinking they have the technology to uncover the calls and texts from Zoe Barnes’s phone. Even the press have to act like sneaky politicians.

Guts and Glory – Sean is using this information and what he’s sure is the bumping of Anthony Moretti off the organ donor list to slip his way into the White House. He might be giving Romeo a run for his money for most industrious.

Strange Jane – Jane is such a funny woman. I really can’t get over Patricia Clarkson’s performance. She’s like a flustered woman who is also somehow always in control. Little things like when she asks for Advil or orders lunch before Leann because she’s starving. Little touches that make her really human and relatable.

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