20th Anniversary Screening of Troll 2 at The Bloor

Child actor Joshua Green gets slimed by the Nilbogs

If you were lucky enough to see the documentary Best Worst Movie at the Hot Docs Film Festival this past week then you know all about the movie Troll 2.

Considered by many as possibly the worst film ever made, Troll 2 was filmed by an Italian director who barely spoke any English and was shot in small town Utah using mostly local actors. The film features a completely nonsensical story, terrible special effects and acting that would make a local elementary school play look like the Royal Shakespeare Company. Troll 2 definitely falls into the so bad it’s good category.

Rue Morgue and the Toronto After Dark Film Fest are presenting a very special 20th anniversary screening of Troll 2 in 35mm on May 12th at The Bloor.

I highly recommend seeing this, you haven’t seen a bad movie until you’ve seen Troll 2. If you don’t believe the movie could be as bad as I’m saying it is, just check out a sampling of Troll 2 after the jump.


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