Blu-ray Review: Pixar’s Incredibles 2

The Movie After 14 long years, Brad Bird and company (ie Pixar) finally delivered that sequel to The Incredibles that everyone was clamouring for. On every superficial level, it was a rousing success. The film went on to gross over a billion dollars and presumably sold plenty of candy coloured superhero merchandise for Disney as […]

Pixar Writer Josh Cooley Interview

We continue our ongoing Inside Out coverage this week with an interview with co-writer Josh Cooley, who spoke with us about how Pixar’s story department works, the challenges of interweaving plotlines, and what it felt like to get the Toy Story 4 co-directing gig. He’ll be speaking in depth on these topics and more at the Toronto Animation Arts Festival this weekend.

Pixar Story Artist Domee Shi Interview

To celebrate this week’s release of Pixar’s highly anticipated Inside Out we’re posting several interviews with people who worked on the film. First up is a local talent who had the pleasure of Inside Out being her first Pixar project, story artist Domee Shi.

Parental Guidance: Toy Story 4

Nearly 25 years after the celebrated original, and nine years after Toy Story 3 gave us a perfect closure to the franchise, is there any more story left to tell? And if there is, should you take your kids to see it? 

Toy Story 4 Review

Woody and the gang head out on one last adventure that brings the Toy Story series to its natural conclusion.

The Top 6 Can’t Miss Blu-Rays – June 4th 2019

There are so many great Blu-ray releases this week that we’re going to switch it up and talk about the top six titles in stores TODAY – June 4th – and we’ll talk about the rest of the month next week!