A Toast to Love is Blind Season 6

Netflix's latest season was full of drama, twists, and surprises.

The following review contains spoilers for all episodes of Love is Blind Season 6.

Raise your golden goblets high! With one shock and twist after another, there is no doubt that Season 6 of Netflix’s Love is Blind serves up drama from Episode 1 straight through to the reunion. Filmed a year after the experiment concludes, the reunion has big reveals—from a comparison video of Matthew two-timing in the pods to finding out Trevor had a girlfriend while on the show. This season of Love is Blind is unlike any other. 

It wasn’t just the participants who elevated this season. Fans-turned-internet-sleuths left no public social media post unturned, demanding explanations, like from Sarah Ann, who, in an Instagram post, seemingly gave away a major spoiler. Wasting no opportunities, the producers asked those burning questions during the reunion through hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey and some couples from past seasons. They even toss in a lecture from Nick on the importance of this experiment and how the show is for love and not fame. 

Throughout the season, we watch five couples fall in love and get engaged, four couples live together, three go to their dress and suit fittings, two make it to the altar, and only one actually get married. The youngest couple to be engaged and the first to end their pending nuptials, Brittany and Kenneth’s relationship, started like a Taylor Swift song – he is a middle-school principal and she is a former teacher. However, their relationship quickly fizzled into radio silence. Confirming there is no bad blood between these two at the reunion, Brittany shares that she and Kenneth talk daily and remain close friends.  


Laura and Jeramey were not as lucky to remain friends, let alone stay cordial. Cracks in their relationship began to show through her disdain over his love for Hawaiian shirts and him repeating the now infamous “bean-dip” joke. However, the final straw was Jeramey staying out until early in the morning talking with Sarah-Ann, his ex-podship, who is now also his girlfriend of the past year. Once this bomb dropped at the reunion, there was no time wasted. Questions were hurled their way regarding whether or not they were on the show for merely for entertainment.

Another couple that had fans talking was Chelsea and Jimmy. However, for how dramatic their alcohol-infused arguments were, these two were seemingly left off the hook at the reunion. It was especially shocking to hear that they tried dating after they called off their engagement on the show. Instead, the reunion focused primarily on their other pod-ships — with Trevor being outed for having a girlfriend while he was on the show and Jess being mad at Jimmy for making a relatively innocuous comment about her show edit on a podcast.

Many fans were left shocked by the outcome of AD and Clay. Throughout the season, many were hopeful as Clay expressed his desire to grow by being open about his insecurities and vulnerabilities regarding marriage. However, in a dramatic turn of events that sucked the air out from the lungs of both AD and the fans, Clay turns her down at the altar. The reunion left more questions than answers as it was left fairly vague on whether or not there could be a future between these two. 

Amy and Johnny, the success story of Season 6, were also the first couple to be engaged. These two are so wholesome that they perfectly balance out the dysfunction of the other couples. From Episode 1 up to the reunion, these two were unshakable. Even Johnny’s lack of birth control knowledge was but a minor blip for these two, who appear to have strong communication skills. They also further Nick Lachey’s point that the experiment can work when you are in it for love and not fame.


With each batch of episodes released weekly, audiences were left on the edge of their seats, salivating for more. The showrunners and editors have formulated a new recipe this season, and the audience’s appetite is insatiable. Consider this my RSVP for Season 7!

All episodes of Love is Blind Season 6 are now streaming exclusively on Netflix.