Amazing Live-Action Fan Film Proves that Metroid Needs more Alien

If you’re looking forward to a live-action Metroid film, you’ll be waiting for a while longer. A full-fledged Metroid movie probably isn’t in the works. Fortunately, the good people at Rainfall Films have you covered. The production company has released a twelve-minute live action short titled Metroid: The Sky Calls, and it’s pretty much everything you’ve ever wanted from an adaptation.

Directed by Sam Balcomb, Metroid: The Sky Calls (not to be confused with Skyfall) stars Jessica Chobot (The Nerdist) as Samus Aran, who responds to a distress beacon and sets out to explore an uninhabited alien planet. The short draws more heavily on the claustrophobic sci-fi thrillers of the 70s and 80s than it does on the action-oriented blockbusters of today – there’s definitely healthy dose of Alien – and the chilling tone is perfect for a game about a lone hero isolated on a desolate and mysterious alien world.

The Sky Calls is a fan film with no official connection to Nintendo, so it’s highly unlikely that it will lead to anything more substantial. It also has some expected technical limitations. It often seems like the woman beneath the mask (Chobot) is not the woman wearing Samus’ iconic suit, although the motion capture was performed by America Young (Halo 5) so that actually makes some sense.

In any case, the retro CGI is solid aside from that minor hiccup so it’s hardly enough to diminish one of the best versions of Metroid to come along in years. Balcomb’s short is geared towards older audiences (or at least audiences that remember Alien), but unlike the recent blood-soaked interpretation of Power Rangers, Balcomb adds those themes without sacrificing Nintendo’s more family-friendly sensibilities. Metroid: The Sky Calls looks like a film that someone made in 1987 and then sealed in a vault after Super Mario Bros. bombed, and it’s a great tribute to an iconic character.

via Polygon