Ambitious Time Travel RTS Achron Unveiled at GDC

Real-time strategy games are no stranger to the convention of time-travel. Hell, the entire Command & Conquer Red Alert series is based around the idea of parallel worlds created by time-travel. However, a new RTS game called Achron has taken this a step further. Instead of time-travel merely being a plot device, it’s actually an integral game mechanic. The developers at Hazardous Software have dubbed Achron a meta-time strategy game, allowing the player to control and play multiple time-lines simultaneously.  Watch this developer walkthrough for a better explanation.

We discuss Achron briefly in our upcoming podcast. I said that I looked forward to creating some kind of insane paradox that will either crash the game or blow up my computer—god, I hope that’s possible. Achron has been talked about alot since being unveiled at the Game Developers Conference and I’m sure we’ll be talking about it quite a bit leading up to the release. The game is certainly an ambitious and original project, whether or not the game delivers in the end: only time will tell. (I couldn’t resist.) Achron been in development for several years and is due out some time in 2010.

Achron Official Site

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