Ape Escape Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Ape Reveal?

Sony is teasing something on the eve on Ape Escape series’ 20th anniversary. The first game came out on May 31, 1999. After going almost an entire generation without any of the kooky monkeys, is this the time for the series to return?

The newly created Twitter account started with a rather sad take.

In the tweet above, the translated tweet comes out to “20 years since then. I’ve been running around, but I wonders if there’s anyone chasing me anymore.” Since then, the mood’s become upbeat with a series of pieces of art decorating the account.

A new video from Sony serves as a retrospective on the past 20 years. Starting in 1999 with Ape Escape, the original game went on to spawn several sequels. Playing as young Spike, he’s tasked with catching the wacky monkeys throughout a dozen worlds. An albino monkey named Specter serves as the main foil to Spike and uses his hatred of humans as a means to overrun the world.


I’ve played the numbered Ape Escape titles and had a blast with them, and it’s a shame we’ve yet to see the series return. The lighthearted gameplay is a huge part of it the experience and capturing the loose monkeys was always a blast, even though some proved to be quite the nuisance in my attempts to catch them.