Art-O-Bot: Canete, Andrasofszky, Madureira

Welcome back to the Art-O-Bot, this week we present some of the most dynamic artists you may not of heard of.  If you know any artists or are a local artist and want to be featured on the Art-O-Bot, contact

Eric Canete

It’s rare in this day and age of comics that an artist floors me with their talent.  Eric Canete was the artist on The End League, and several other books.  He updates his blog very often and his art is vibrant and dynamic. Warning: his art can be considered art is in its purest form, which may mean the occasional muse lacking clothing.   I was first exposed to his Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin, a tale of the Armored Avenger’s first meeting with the Mandarin.  I can promise you this, you’ll be checking Eric Canete’s blog regularly to see what he gets up to.

Kalman Andrasofszky


It’s should be no surprise that I am a giant Green Lantern fan, when I discovered the cover artist of the ION miniseries was a local, I knew he would be perfect for the bot.  Kalman’s most recent work was featured in NYX: No Way Home, and covers for DC Comics R.E.B.E.L.S..  Of course, Andrasofszky keeps tight lipped about his upcoming projects, however I can assure you that you will not be disappointed when he announces his new projects.  Contact Kalman if you’re a fan and see if he’ll take commissions.  Check out Kalman Andrasofszky’s Blog and be sure to grab a sketch from him at a con.

Joe Madureira

That’s it! I broke down and had to do it; I started watching anime because of Joe Madureira’s art.  I loved his Uncanny X-men run, which is also one of the reasons I got into the independent comics scene.  Battle Chasers was this mystical steam punk hybrid book that was Madureira’s creator owned title; eight issues in he left to go design video games. He recently came back to the fold with the Ultimates 3, it’s rare that Marvel puts out two versions of a book, but they did.  One in a colour, and one just designed for pencil sketches.  His work is incredible and when you see his pencils you’ll understand.  Sadly, there is no official site for Joe, so I’ve found a fan site that displays a lot of his work both in video game design (to which he has gone back to doing) and many of his covers from the video game world.  Check out the work and pick up Madureira’s back issues and get this man back in comics!

The Art-O-Bot is out of fuel for this edition, until next week everyone Art-O-Bot Exterminate!!!!!
Damn Daleks.


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