Heather Knight

Heather Knight is a full time comic shop retailer who writes for Dork Shelf's comics section. With a passion for superheroes, mythology, and horror, she'll read and cover anything that catches her interest. Other vices include most fandoms (Harry Potter, Buffy, and Sherlock are her trifecta), archery, the Mad Max: Fury Road soundtrack, and Nightwing's butt. She drinks too much coffee and will talk your ear off about anything Arthurian or Battlestar Galactica if you let her. She loves heroes but often sympathizes with the villains, Slytherin is the coolest House, and she's an unapologetic werewolf enthusiast. She was born to two Trekkies, so there was really no chance of her not turning out this way. Nerds are the best. She also co-runs a women's comic book club and occasionally contributes to CBR. Witness.

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