Bargain Basement VHS Vault


Some might think VHS is dead, but it certainly isn’t forgotten!

Back in the home video heyday, the 80’s became a wonderful dumping ground for many films and also coined a new term, “Straight to home video”. Tapes on almost everything were released to a public desperate to visit their local Mom and Pop videostores to put something, if not anything in their new front loading VCR’s.

Join host Dion Conflict (who has one of the largest and most eclectic film collections in Canada) take you down memory lane with a screening of a long lost “mystery tape” on the big screen. BARGAIN BASEMENT VHS VAULT highlights those clamshell classics that have been lost in the DVD shuffle.


…After the success of the DVD player, and the VHS market hitting their zeneth by the early 90’s to a more discriminating public that wouldn’t rent ALMOST anything, many of these titles and the VHS format itself went onto a slow death.

No need to rewind! No grabbing of the butter knife to pull out of your machine! Skip the disappointment of going to the corner store and seeing the “Sorry, I’m rented!” sticker on the cardboard box!

At a “Mom and Pop Video Store rental price” of $2 admission, now you can afford to go to the cinema again, and have some fun on a Sunday afternoon! Lots of cool merchandise as well, and prizes to win, or buy some VHS tapes to take home for you player!

So be sure to join us for an afternoon of fun, in the heart of Chinatown and Queen west!


Be sure to check the event page each day for hints on the “mystery title”!

Who says you can’t go on the town for a twooney?

Join us early with your own VHSs and trade them with other tapeheads!

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