Arkham City Catwoman - feature

Batman: Arkham City Catwoman Trailer

Arkham City Catwoman ScreenshotRocksteady Studios certainly know how to make an announcement. At a pre-E3 showing of Batman: Arkham City, details emerged about a second playable character. In addition to beating up thugs as Batman, you’ll spend some time as Selina Kyle, a.k.a. Catwoman.

An in-depth preview of the game can be found on Gamespot’s site, but here are the key points regarding our new character: At some points in the game’s storyline, you’ll switch over to Catwoman for a select number of missions – about ten percent of the total game. She has her own tools and abilities, as well as a progression path of her own that will let the player upgrade her skills and tools. Since she doesn’t have Batman’s cape or grappling hook, Selina will have to use her own set of skills to traverse Arkham City.

The new trailer showcased Catwoman’s skills, including some wall- and ceiling-crawling that continue to make the Arkham games the envy of a certain other wall-crawler. Her acrobatic moves pummel the guards with a bit more grace and flare than Batman’s, but are no less effective.

Other than taking advantage of the chaos of Arkham City to loot some sweet treasures, there isn’t much more explanation of just what Catwoman’s angle over the course of the game will be – including the nature of her relationship with Batman in Rocksteady’s interpretation of the mythos. However Arkham City is shaping up to more and more exciting with every sassy reveal.


Note: Music choice for these trailers continues its hot streak, this time introducing Catwoman to the tune of “Get Some” by someone named Lykke Li.

Batman: Arkham City is currently scheduled for release on October 18 2011 on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.