Battlefield: The More Things Change

If you’ve ever played any of EA’s multiplayer Battlefield games, then you know how hard it can be to even get a chance to fly a plane.  Players often camp around the aircraft spawn points, and more often than not it devolves into a desperate foot race to see who can get to the plane first.  This happens in every Battlefield game no matter what.  A recent Penny Arcade comic hilariously illustrates this BF trademark all too well.  Click the image to see the full version.

Penny Arcade on Battlefield

Friendly fire is the default setting for most Battlefield games, it adds to the realism.  This is all well and good until your own team starts shooting you on purpose.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve literally been shot to death by members of my own team who were hiding in nearby bushes, while waiting for the plane to spawn.  They murdered me just so they could score the plane that so rarely spawned! Then to see them instantly crash or get shot down seconds after take-off just added insult to injury.  I know I could have done better than that chump!

I haven’t played the new Battlefield 1943 for the consoles, but I hear good things.  I’m a veteran of all the PC Battlefield games, and lately I’ve been playing the new Battlefield Heroes game.  The game is a browser based and  free to play iteration of the Battlefield formula.  It’s so much fun, I highly recommend it.

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