Best Independent Games Of 2008: Vote Now!

An organic gamespace from PixelJunk Eden

The 11th Annual Independent Games Festival has published their nominations for the Audience Award for best indie game of 2008. Conveniently located on the site are links to most of the indie games nominated for this year’s Audience Award. The IGF is set to coincide with the Game Developers Conference later this month, so you still have plenty of time to deliberate and decide which was the best indie game of 2008.

There are some truly great games amongst the nominees, I’m looking forward to playing the few that I haven’t already tried. Will it be the simple genius of You Have To Burn The Rope or the mind-bending PixelJunk Eden? You decide!

Noticeably absent is a favourite of mine, Karoshi 2.0, the anti-Super Mario Bros.

Go play and vote!


2009 Independent Games Festival Games: Audience Award