BGM Episode 70: A Nightmare On Elm Street 2

We have been told for ages that the second film in the Elm Street series was not just a deliciously bad movie but a poignant look at a boy’s coming of age as a gay man. So we decided to check it out. We also had the pleasure of bringing the fabulous Greg Rosebrugh on […]

BGM Episode 69: People You May Know

We often like to think that the people whose movies we criticize on this show spend their days and nights crying over how terrible we are, but we got an email from the fabulous Mark Cirillo letting us know that he loves us! Mark has now starred in four of our films, which makes him […]

BGM Episode 50: Mame

Or as they say it in the film, MAAAAAAAAme. Lucille Ball was nervous about being too old for the part so she rubbed an entire chicken’s worth of fat on the lens every morning, and the result is that when she’s onscreen, you squint. The rest of the time, you wince. The good news is, […]

BGM Episode 47: Adam And Steve

The wisdom from conservative straight is that God created Adam and Eve, and not Adam and Steve. We have found out, in our film viewing, that this is absolutely true: if there is a god, he could not possibly have created a bad gay movie. Mike, Bil and Dan are back and they’ve answered a […]

BGM Episode 41: Boat Trip

If ever a sailing vessel needed to crash into an iceberg and save an actor’s career from its worst possibilities, it is this one. Bil, David and Michael watched it and really needed a vacation right afterward. Join the BGM boys as they discuss, BOAT TRIP! Listen Download While you’re admiring our brilliance, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, […]

BGM Episode 22: Airport 1975

We’re so excited about the end of our third season that we have gone back in the Gay But Not Gay archives for an unforgettably fun (and unintentionally funny) seventies classic. This flight has everything, drunk passengers, old ladies reading sex books, singing nuns, and can we get Karen Black to do a rendition of […]

BGM Episode 21: Bear City

If you’re a skinny cutie pie who is dreaming of a big bear in the sack, make sure you look to Hilary Swank for fashion tips. These and more are the things that Bil, Daniel and Michael learned this week when exploring their latest adventure in the gay cinema canon. This week’s episode is a […]

BGM Episode 10: The Mirror Has Two Faces

Despite the fact that it’s about a verbally abused woman who hooks up with a sex-addicted modelizer, it’s a romantic comedy. Go figure! To celebrate reaching our tenth episode, we at BGM have decided to branch outside the norm and review a movie that, while not particularly heavy in gay in content, is fully gay […]