Bitcoin Comic: A Depiction Worthy of the Revolutionary Cryptocurrency?

Comic books as a sub-genre of literature have the great advantage of being able to look at a mainstream subject from a completely different point of view, with creators given the freedom to expand upon ideas and ethical dilemmas, whilst appealing to an audience that likes to question things. A subject that has very recently received this treatment in the comic world is Bitcoin, the world’s largest and most prominent cryptocurrency.


The world of Bitcoin has, in part, been shrouded in mystery and intrigue – after all, this is a digital version of gold that can nevertheless be used to buy everyday items such as sandwiches and pints of beer. Perhaps the biggest mystery of all surrounding Bitcoin focuses not on the currency itself though but on Satoshi Nakamoto, the man of mystery who came up with the idea of the cryptocurrency in the first place.

A Man (or Men) of Mystery

The mystery regarding who Nakamoto is has a dedicated section on his Wikipedia entry and there are countless websites and articles asking who he is. So, it makes sense that”Bitcoin Comic” focuses not only on the wider mystique of Bitcoin but on the actual identity of the founder himself.

The idea of a currency as the subject of a comic might seem mundane but the fact that Bitcoin is free from government control means that Nakamoto is an easy hero to create in the perceived battle against overarching government control. In fact, the notion of people power and the role of the ordinary person is central to this comic; the comic’s creators allowed fans to choose from three covers before picking the final version to use for the comic.

A Comic About a Game-changing Event?

As a comic, Bitcoin Comic is open to criticism as well as praise. The view of the comic that perhaps takes itself a bit too seriously is the manner in which it treats Bitcoin as one of the greatest technological advances made by man. To think about this more deeply, can you imagine a comic that creates an engaging story about the creation of the wheel or the invention of the first item of clothing?

It is undeniable that the creation of Bitcoin and the anti-authority approach to monetary affairs is a fascinating and important part of recent history, especially given the manner in which Bitcoin has become an ingrained part of modern culture thanks to widespread Bitcoin ATMs and the way it has revolutionised everyday leisure activities.


For instance, it’s now possible to pay for video games with Bitcoin via Humble Bundle, Microsoft, and several other websites. It’s also much easier for the tech-savvy to start gambling using Bitcoin, thanks to iGaming operators like Vegas Casino. Gamers can get their hands on Bitcoin before and after a game of roulette or blackjack, either through clicking on a homepage link to a currency exchange or by taking advantage of Vegas Casino’s “faucet”, which gives out small amounts of Bitcoin for the completion of Captcha tasks.

What’s more, the savings that companies like these can make from reduced overheads are often passed onto consumers as a result of the lack of bank charges incurred, showing that there is a real reason why Bitcoin enterprises continue to grow in popularity.


The grandiose view of the currency portrayed by the comic may take itself seriously but perhaps that’s excusable; after all, Bitcoin has become an intriguing buzzword for the 21st century. It is always wonderful to see a comic follow the ethics that it purports to believe, and this is an engaging introduction to the world of Bitcoin for those unfamiliar with it, and a witty take on it for those who are acquainted with it.