Blair Witch Hopes to Drive You Insane

Developer Blooper Team is doing an excellent job on capturing what made the original Blair Witch so damn captivating. Each tease, each trailer features enough suspense to draw viewers in.

The newest trailer looks at protagonist Ellis and his dog and their journey through Black Forest Hills. What is found in the woods though, is still to be determined but by the looks of it may be the same thing that found Heather, Mike, and Josh.

I can’t believe that Blair Witch was only revealed this past June at E3 and that it is releasing in just over one week for both the Xbox One and PC. It’s also part of Xbox Game Pass, so if you’re not up to diving in at the full price, you have an alternative.

It’s 1996. A young boy disappears in the Black Hills Forest near Burkittsville, Maryland. As Ellis, a former police officer with a troubled past, you join the search. What starts as an ordinary investigation soon turns into an endless nightmare as you confront your fears and the Blair Witch, a mysterious force that haunts the woods.


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