Pete’s Dragon: Bryce Dallas Howard Interview

Audiences probably still associate Bryce Dallas Howard with the more buttoned-up executive type she played to a T in last summer’s biggest hit Jurassic World, but she couldn’t be more different as forest ranger Grace in Pete’s Dragon. Disney’s remake of the 1977 family favourite sees Howard in a role much closer to the real Bryce, a warm, woodsy character who adopts the titular feral boy before meeting his unusual pet.

We recently got the opportunity to speak with Howard who, as huge fan of the original Pete’s Dragon, explained what remains and what they’ve changed for this updated version. Bryce was then kind of enough to indulge us in a game of ‘Friend or Foe’ where we test her knowledge of famous film and TV dragons, and of course find out what’s on her Dork Shelf.

Pete’s Dragon opens everywhere this Friday.

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