Cadence of Hyrule Gets Free DLC Today

Brace Yourself Games, a studio out of Vancouver, released the excellent Cadence of Hyrule earlier this year and was met with a positive reception. By using the existing formula established by Crypt of the Necrodancer, the indie studio created a hit set within the fictional Kingdom of Hyrule.

Steve Vegvari over on our sister site had a blast with the game, where the goal was to match your actions to the beat of the music, often finding a rhythm that devastated enemies. Gameplay was simple but engaging and required you to pay attention in order to strike hard, or risk being overrun and defeated.

This bit of news comes as a surprise because there was no indication any content was in the works, so seeing this tweet from Nintendo UK is exciting. A new piece of downloadable content is out today and it is a new storyline starring the game’s villain, Octavo.  You attack enemies using his Golden Lute and uncover Octavo’s true intentions for taking over Hyrule. Also included in the free update is a new Dungeon Mode which allows you to take on the game’s most challenging bosses.

To access this content, you’ll need to complete the story before diving i.