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Captain America & the First Thirteen Review

Captain America and the First Thirteen
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With every comic book movie adaptation, there is a flood of new titles that showcase the soon-to-be silver screen hero. Captain America: The First Avenger will be no different, and in addition to the regular on-going series, this week saw the arrival of three different comics with the star-spangled hero headlining.

The least enticing of the bunch, admittedly aimed at readers 10 and younger, is Captain America: The Korvac Saga. Unless you are a major completionist, give this one a wide berth. Definitely a lot better and improving with each issue is Captain America: Hail Hydra. A four issue mini-series, that covers all the classic Cap time periods, threading in a unique take on the super-soldier serum. The best of the lot though is Captain America and the First Thirteen #1.

A one-shot, stand alone story that takes place during World War II, it features the creative talents of not one, but two Canadians! Written by the talented Kathryn Immonen, whose star has been rising ever higher with her work on Runaways and Wolverine and Jubilee, the comic is illustrated by the fantastic Ramon Perez, whose latest work includes NYX and Star Wars: Clone Wars. Looking at the relationship between Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter, Captain America and the First Thirteen #1 is a great mix of action heroics and espionage thrill. And knowing that their romance doesn’t have a happy end makes this story even more poignant and sweet.

As a long time Cap fan, what really sets this book apart is how ‘cowboy’ the creative team portrays our hero. Steve flirts in front of Peggy; dares into the ever danger almost recklessly, and comes across as a wild-boy American most of the time. This is no criticism at all. Rather, it is fun seeing Captain America enjoying himself, not yet quite the larger than life symbol, or brooding man out of time, he becomes later. In the ever growing line-up of Captain America titles, this one is definitely worth the read!


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