Interview: Aaron Eckhart

We catch up with I, Frankenstein leading man Aaron Eckhart to talk about his recent shift towards higher profile films after starting off in independent movies, constructing the look of a modern monster, the physical preparation for the role, and the surprising amount of deep emotional research he did that took just as heavy a toll.

Interview: Louise Archambault

We talk to Louise Archambault, the Quebecois director of the Canadian Screen Award Best Picture nominee Gabrielle about avoiding misery and melodrama, her documentary-style approach to filmmaking, how coming of age stories can happen at any point in life, how her cast never felt pressured, and the relationship between her two award nominated leads.

Interview: Steve Hoover

We talk to Steve Hoover, the director of the documentary Blood Brother, about his relationship with his best friend has progressed as a result of filming him working with children suffering from AIDS and HIV in rural India, the two sides to his friend's personality, and the film’s gut punching opening sequence.

Interview: Mara Wilson

Dork Shelf talks to former child actress, current blogger/playwright/novelist/essayist, and star of the Danny DeVito directed Roald Dahl adaptation Matilda (now on Blu-Ray) about how the film has found a way to endure and grow in popularity over the years, how she’s able to look back on the film with fondness after years away from thinking about it very much, what irks her about young adult writing, and how busy her life has been now that’s she’s out working for herself.

Interview: Jesse Wente on Studio Ghibli

We talk to TIFF Bell Lightbox Head of Film Programming (and massive dork at heart) Jesse Wente about round 2 of the Lightbox's now comprehensive look at the films of Studio Ghibli. We also talk about what the films mean to him, the iconography behind My Neighbor Totoro and Grave of the Fireflies, hidden gems in the program people might not be aware of, how the films of Studio Ghibli encompass the very goals the TIFF Bell Lightbox strives towards as an organization, and why he’s honoured to be a part of this showcase of films by not only a great filmmaker, but one of the greatest artists the world has ever known.

Interview: Mitchell Kezin

We talk to Vancouver filmmaker and record collector Mitchell Kezin about his labour of love, Jingle Bell Rocks (opening this Friday at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema) about the rich variety, history, and nostalgia that surrounds alternative Christmas music.

Interview: Alicia Fletcher

We talk to Alicia Fletcher, film archivist and programmer for the Silent Sundays series of silent films at The Revue, who this Sunday will screen comedies from silent film heavyweights Buster Keaton, Fatty Arbuckle, and Charlie Chaplin. We talk about her work as an archivist, the importance of music in silent films today and during initial release, and a bit about the diverging careers and films of Arbuckle and Keaton.

Interview: Kiva Reardon

We talk to Kiva Reardon, one of the founder and head editor for cléo, a journal of film and feminism, and talk about the formation of the journal, varying definitions of feminism, why she's always pleasantly surprised with the wealth and range of films they are able to look at, and what film writing inspires her the most as a writer and an editor.