Cinesphere Presents Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy Marathon

Pure cinematic bliss

If you’re a Batman fan, there was no better place to be yesterday than downtown Toronto. Beginning yesterday at noon, the Cinesphere hosted the ultimate love letter to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy: a three-film, ten hour and forty-five-minute marathon of the most critically adored superhero films ever made.

There’s a lot to love about yesterday’s Dark Knight marathon. If you love the series (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises), the event offers you one more chance to see these films as they’re meant to be experienced; on a massive screen with a thundering sound system that rumbles inside your belly.

It’s not every day you get to experience decade-old films on a movie screen. And with all respect to big-screen TVs, they can’t match the exhilaration of watching movies in a raucous theatre – even a shabby one. And Toronto’s Cinesphere is by no means shabby. In fact, it exists at the opposite end of the spectrum. It’s opulent.

The Cinesphere first opened its doors in 1971, but it recently received a major overhaul. And now it’s back; better, faster, and stronger. Although the Cinesphere always featured impressive technology, the 2019 experience packs the type of heat few theatres in the world can match. Today’s screenings are projected with “Next-generation technology.” IMAX’s laser digital and 70mm film technologies, to be precise. What’s that mean for audiences? The biggest, brightest, and clearest moviegoing experience imaginable. Even if you’re not a fan of Batman movies, the trilogy’s dazzling presentation alone is worth the price of admission.



To get technical, IMAX 70mm footage offers 9x the resolution of 35mm film. And IMAX’s laser digital technology uses a dual 4K laser projection system to blast pristine images onto the 75-foot screen. To put that into perspective, if you choose the right seat in the 614 seat theatre, the screen takes up your entire field of vision while offering unparalleled clarity. You can see each stitch in Scarecrow’s hood, every crack in The Joker’s makeup, and count the rivets in Bane’s face mask. Plus, the ultra-bright picture keeps 3D glasses from dimming the image.

The best part of the Dark Knight Trilogy event wasn’t the movies, the next-gen projection technology, or the broadcasted Christopher Nolan Q&A – but they’re all dope – it was the fans filling up Cinesphere’s 614 seats. People didn’t show up to watch movies, they came to celebrate.

The audience cheered when Heath Ledger’s names appeared in the credits, and I lost count of the number of people in Batman t-shirts and hoodies. Attendees even left with a bit of loot; a boxed miniature metal batarang with the words ‘The Dark Knight Trilogy,’ engraved on it, which is certainly going onto my shelf. But best of all, during the two intermissions, fans gathered to talk about what they just saw, and event had the same type of festive vibe as attending a Con.

If you couldn’t make it down to Cinesphere’s The Dark Knight Trilogy event, fear not. They have plenty of new programming guaranteed to make your heart sing. No matter what movie genre you prefer, they’ve got you covered. Upcoming screenings include Wonder Woman, Mad Max: Fury Road, Gravity, Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, as well as Hot Docs screening of Flight of the Butterflies 3D and Hubble 3D.



If you love watching films and you’re looking for the ultimate viewing experience, a trip to the Cinesphere offers pure cinematic bliss. You’re not just enjoying great movies, you’re experiencing them in the best way imaginable.


For more information on the Cinesphere’s lineup click here.