King Kong 1933

Classics from the Vault presents KING KONG!

King Kong 1933The Eighth Wonder of the World returns to Toronto for One Nite Only! Plus shorts, cartoons and prizes from Rue Morgue Magazine!

KING KONG (1933)
Directed by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack
Starring Fay Wray, Robert Armstrong, Bruce Cabot and KONG
Written by Merian C. Cooper and Edgar Wallace
100 mins | 16mm

Call it a love story, a horror film, a jungle adventure — KING KONG remains one of the greatest films from Hollywood’s Golden Age, still drawing awe nearly 80 years since it premiered at Toronto’s Uptown Theatre.

While planning his latest film, Carl Denham (Armstrong) has found the perfect location, Skull Island, but is still missing a leading lady. He finds Ann Darrow (Wray — arguably the first Scream Queen), a young actress willing to do whatever it takes to make it big, which in this case involves traveling to a mysterious island and ultimately kidnapped by a giant gorilla-like creature named Kong.


Jungle thrills, Willis O’Brien’s masterful stop-motion animation, which features bi-planes shooting at Kong atop the Empire State Building — one of the most iconic shots in film history — as well as an amazing score by Hollywood stalwart Max Steiner await you at the Fox for the launch of the new season of Classics From The Vault.

As always, a selection of short subjects, trailers and cartoons will precede the feature.

Admission $7 for members / $10 non-members

We look forward to seeing you all!

Presented by The Fox Theatre and Silent Toronto


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