Jeff’s Pulls for the week of May 24th

Several shelves full of comic book trade paperbacks

What is a pull list? Most comic book retailers offer memberships to frequent customers. You pay to have your most frequently purchased books pulled so that you don’t have to pull them off the racks. This can save you time, disappointment, and, sometimes, money.

Say you want a copy of a very popular Spider-Man / Superman crossover issue. If the book sells out quickly and you’re not a member you may miss it and have to wait until more copies arrive. If you’re a member, you get first dibs on that issue. The store will pull the issue and put it aside for you before putting the book on the shelves.

If you shop at the same shop every two weeks or month and find that your pulling a lot of books, being on a pull list is to your benefit.  If you’re a casual shopper, it might be too much trouble.

Benefits of memberships vary from store to store. Every store is different; some offer books at the American cover price, while others offer a percentage discount on new releases or certain types of books. Ask your local comic book retailer about pull list membership to find out what they offer.


Check out my weekly pull list after the jump.

  • Green Lantern #41 Written by Geoff Johns, art By Philip Tan
  • Justice League Of America #33 Written by Dwayne McDuffie, art by Rags Morales. This new league searches for Dr. Light
  • New Avengers #53 Written by Brian Micheal Bendis, art by Chris Bachealo. The Search for the new sorcerer supreme continues.
  • Rapture #1 Written By Mike Oeming and Taki Soma, art by Mike Oeming
  • Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #6 Written by Damon Lindeloff, art by Lenil Francis Yu
  • Wolverine #72 Written by Mark Millar, art by Steve McNiven. Conclusion of the “Old Man Logan” story.

I will be posting my pull list on Sundays.

What’s your pull list? Do you have any books to recommend? Drop a comment here, or email [email protected]

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