Contest: Celebrate Halloween at The Royal!

Happy Halloween, TORONTO! Did you know that tonight – Monday, October 27th – our Film Editor, Andrew Parker, will be hosting a screening of ROSEMARY’S BABY at 9:30pm at The Royal Cinema? He’ll have some cool prizes to give away, but in addition to that, we have some cool prizes that the good folks at The Royal have given to US to celebrate their incredibly awesome Halloween line-up this week!

Neon Maniacs

First up, we have a pair of passes to check out an ULTRA-RARE 35mm screening of the absolutely bananas, and often forgotten about 1980s monster movie-slash-slasher classic NEON MANIACS on Thursday, October 30th at 9:30pm!

Who are the Neon Maniacs? What are the Neon Maniacs?  Why does water make the Neon Maniacs melt? What exactly makes them ‘neon’? NO ONE KNOWS THE ANSWER BUT WHO CARES?!?

When a motley group of monsters attack and kill a group of teens in San Francisco, nobody believes the sole survivor, Nathalie (Leilani Sarelle). She recruits her wannabe soft rocker boyfriend Steven (Allan Hayes), and young horror film nerd Paula (Donna Locke) to help her conquer the monsters. Neon Maniacs is a deliriously bungled attempt to rush into a team of movie monsters into the mainstream. Imagine if film introduced Chucky, Jason, Michael, Freddy, Pumpkinhead and Pinhead all at once and you’ve got an idea of what Neon Maniacs is trying to pull off. The best thing about the movie is Donna Locke’s plucky little heroine with a Nostromo (the spaceship from Alien) baseball cap and rubber monster masks decorating her room. Bonus! A massacre at a costume party featuring battle of the bands with great 80s fashion stylings! In the words of the cigar chewing police detective investigating the case:

“Now let me get this straight. You’re telling me that these, these things are inside the Golden Gate Bridge, one. Two, that they only come out at night. And three, that they’re responsible for the death of fifteen or more kids and three of my police officers?”


Night of the Creeps

We ALSO have passes to the special epic TRIPLE BILL on Halloween, Friday, October 31st, with Tobe Hooper and Steven Spielberg’s classic POLTERGEIST at 7:00pm, the off the wall Kung-Fu antics of MR. VAMPIRE 3 at 9:15pm (part of the renewed Kung-Fu Fridays program), and the 1980s cult classic (and one of our Film Editor’s personal all time favourite films) NIGHT OF THE CREEPS at 11:15pm.


To enter, simply email [email protected] with either NEON MANIACS OR HALLOWEEN TRIPLE BILL in the subject line. They are separate contests. Please only one email entry per contest. For additional chances to win, simply like the contest announcement on our Facebook page and/or re-Tweet the announcement from our Twitter. For even MORE bonus entries, LIKE THE ROYAL on Facebook and/or FOLLOW THE ROYAL on Twitter for all the latest updates. Deadline for entries is 11:59pm on Wednesday, October 29th.


And be sure to check out their other awesome Halloween programming this week, including another ULTRA-RARE 35mm screening of a classic when Dario Argento’s THE BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE screens on Tuesday at 9:30pm and a special screening from the Laserblast Film Society of THE CARRIER on Wednesday at 9:30pm.

Stay tuned to The Royal for some of the most awesome programming in the city, and stay tuned to Dork Shelf for all the latest movie news, reviews, interviews, features, and more great contests!

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