Contest: See BLOODSPORT at #TIFFVersus

The fight of the century is on, and Dork Shelf and TIFF want to bring you closer to it. VERSUS, a new series pitting critical champions of cinema against each other, kicks off on Tuesday, November 11th with a showdown between the films of Belgian powerhouse Jean-Claude Van Damme and Sensei Steven Seagal in an all out fight to the death.

Once a week every screening – running through January 13th when the winner will be declared, and alternating between JCVD and Seagal flicks – will include words from each star’s film critic champion. Defending Bloodsport, Universal Soldier, Hard Target, and JCVD will be Calum Marsh (National Post, Paris Review, Playboy). Defending Above the Law, Hard to Kill, Out for Justice, and Under Siege, it’s Dork Shelf’s own !

Each has had a few words to say to each other in the past couple of days leading off to next week’s extended debate prior to Bloodsport at 8:30pm on the 11th, and we want to send four lucky winners tickets to watch the kickoff to the critical carnage!

Full line up of films in TIFF Versus:

Tuesday, November 11th: Bloodsport – 8:30pm

Tuesday, November 18th: Above the Law – 9:30pm

Tuesday, December 2nd: Universal Soldier – 9:00pm

Tuesday, December 9th: Hard to Kill – 9:30pm

Tuesday, December 16th: Hard Target – 9:00pm

Tuesday, December 23rd: Out for Justice – 9:00pm

Tuesday, December 30th: JCVD – 9:30pm

Tuesday, January 6th: Under Siege – 9:00pm

Tuesday, January 13th: Bonus, previously unscreened film starring the victor – 9:00pm

For tickets and more information, visit the TIFF website.

For your chance to win, you need to pick a side. Two winners will be selected from #TeanVanDamme and two will be selected from #TeamSeagal. To enter, simply email [email protected] with EITHER #TEAMSEAGAL or #TEAMVANDAMME in the subject line. YOU MUST PICK A SIDE. Anyone caught emailing for both sides will be disqualified. Please only one email entry per side. For additional chances to win, simply like the contest announcement on our Facebook page and say you’re either for #TeamSeagal or #TeamVanDamme, and/or Tweet @DorkShelf and @TIFF_Net to say you’re rooting for #TeamSeagal or #TeamVanDamme in #TIFFVersus.

Deadline for entries is 11:59pm on Sunday, November 9th.

Good luck, and remember to stay tuned to Dork Shelf for all the latest movie news, reviews, interviews, features, and more great contests!