Contest: See MANBORG in Toronto This Weekend!

Manborg - Astron 6

Hello again Dorkborgs, Manshelfs, and Fanborgs alike! We’re here to do two things:

1. Remind you that it’s not about the killing. It’s about family.

2. Send five lucky winners and a guest to see a screening of the new Canadian late night cult classic MANBORG at The Royal on Friday, February 1st at 11:30pm, courtesy of GAT PR.

From the twisted minds of Astron-6 and director Steven Kostanski comes one of the most inspirational science fiction movies of our time. Half-man, half-cyborg: Manborg. Killed while battling the forces of hell, a super-soldier is brought back from the dead in order to fight an army of Nazi vampires and demons led by the nefarious Count Draculon. There’s an Australian punker, a knife-wielding anime chick, a kung fu master (voiced with deliriously pitch-perfect stoicism by Kyle Herbert, the narrator from Dragon Ball Z), and of course the titular Manborg, a literal cinematic Frankenstein of pulp sci-fi pop culture references.

For your chance to win, simply email [email protected] with MANBORG in the subject line. Be sure to include your full name in the body of the email. Please only one entry per household. For additional chances to win, simply like the contest announcement on our Facebook page and/or re-Tweet the announcement from our Twitter! Deadline for entries is 5pm on Thursday, January 31st, so hurry!

Good luck and may the borg be with you. And as always stay tuned to Dork Shelf for more great news, reviews, interviews, and contests yet to come.

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