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Contest: The Complete Scream Collection

Drew Barrymore in Wes Craven's "Scream"
It all started in 1996 with one simple question:

“What’s your favourite scary movie?”

15 years and three sequels later the Scream franchise has become on of the most beloved horror movie series of all time. We here at Dork Shelf want to help you relive the memories of watching Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), Deputy Dewey (David Arquette), and Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) try to stay alive against the infamous killers hiding behind Ghostface masks.

The Complete Scream CollectionThanks to our good friends at Alliance Films, we’re giving one lucky winner a copy of the recently released Complete Scream Collection DVD box set.

Included in this set are all four Scream films, together for the first time. It also includes a code for a free six month subscription to Rue Morgue Magazine online! Oh, and you also get a badass Ghostface mask of your very own!

In addition to the grand prize, three runners up will receive a special three-pack DVD that includes the first three Scream films.

For your chance to win, email [email protected] with your name and mailing address and answer the following question:

“What’s your favourite scary movie… and if you were in it, how would you survive?”

Contest is open to all Canadian residents and the deadline for entries is (appropriately enough) midnight on October 31st. Winners will be notified by email,

So until then, no drinking, no drugs, no promiscuous sex. Don’t go upstairs, don’t go in the basement, and for the love of God don’t go outside to see what that noise was!

We’ll be back later this week with a special look at the Scream series and its place in horror history.