Childhood's End


The epic Childhood’s End miniseries debuts this week exclusively on Showcase – and to celebrate Dork Shelf wants to give you the chance to win a Childhood’s End prize pack!

Based on 2001 author Arthur C. Clarke’s seminal sci-fi novel of the same name, Childhood’s End is a six hour miniseries event that will air over three nights on Showcase (December 14, 15, 16) at 8pm ET/9pm PT. Watch the trailer below:

So what’s Childhood’s End about?

Adapted from Clarke’s classic novel first published in 1953, the epic six-hour miniseries “Childhood’s End” follows the peaceful invasion of Earth by the mysterious Overlords, which begins decades of apparent utopia at the cost of human identity and culture. Karellen (Charles Dance), the ambassador for the Overlords, makes first contact with Earthling Ricky Stormgren (Mike Vogel). Karellen’s comforting words and amazing technological gifts quickly win humanity’s favor. However, Karellen’s refusal to reveal his physical appearance and insistence on dealing only through Ricky raises questions whether his intentions are truly benevolent.

Sound interesting? Enter the contest below to win a copy of Clarke’s original novel, plus a spiffy Showcase-branded tote bag and notebook.

Childhood's End Prize Pack

Fill out the form below and correctly answer the trivia question for your chance to win!

Trivia Question: Name two other science fiction novels by Childhood’s End author Arthur C. Clarke.

For additional chances to win, head on over to Twitter and tweet:
“I want @DorkShelf to send me #ChildhoodsEnd Prize Pack! #contest”

For more info on Childhood’s End, visit the links below

Deadline is December 16th at midnight ET for all entries.

Winners will be chosen at random and notified via e-mail.
Multiple entries will be disqualified.
Contest is open to Canadian residents only.

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