Contest: Win a CROODS Prize Pack!


Hello once again one and all! Time for another great contest, brought to you by Dork Shelf and their lovely friends at 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment! We’re teaming up to give away two wonderful prize packs to celebrate the release of our favourite animated film of the year so far, THE CROODS. Enter for a chance to win a copy of the film on Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Download combo pack and a special plush doll of the character Belt from the movie!

The Croods is a comedy adventure that follows the world’s first modern family as they embark on a journey of a lifetime when the cave that has always been their home, is destroyed. Traveling across a spectacular landscape, the Croods are rocked by generational clashes and seismic shifts as they discover an incredible new world filled with fantastic creature—and their outlook is change forever.

Croods - Blu-Ray Box ArtFor your chance to win, simply email with THE CROODS in the subject line! Please only one entry per household. Multiple entries will be deleted. Contest is open to all residents of Canada and the United States. For additional chances to win, simply like the contest announcement on our Facebook page and/or re-Tweet the announcement from our Twitter! Deadline for entries is 11:59pm on Wednesday, October 9th.

The Croods hits Blu-Ray and DVD on Tuesday, October 1st and is available on Digital HD now! But to get you guys extra excited, check out this look back at some of the best father and daughter pairings in movie history!

The relationship between a father and his daughter is a very precious thing. Some of the most touching scenes from movie history are the loving moments between dads and daughters. In The Croods, we watched as Eep and Grug slowly come to realize how much they truly love each other. Take a look at five of the most memorable dad and daughter moments in movie history.


Eep and Grug – The Croods


Eep and Grug - The Croods


Teenagers always go through that phase of life where they feel that they are being smothered by their parents. Eep is definitely feeling these emotions when her over-protective dad keeps her under tight boundaries.  But it turned out that Eep and Grug were more alike than they realized. Eep’s heart is broken when she thinks she lost her opportunity to tell her dad how much she loves him. In a very memorable moment, Eep and Grug are reunited and our hearts melt as we watch them embrace in a great big word that rhymes with Grug… a hug!


Charlie & Bella Swan – The Twilight Saga


Charles and Bella Swan


Throughout the Twilight saga, there are multiple adorably awkward father-daughter moments shared between Charlie and Bella. Charlie may not always know exactly what he is doing, but there is no denying that he is an excellent father! Our favorite Charlie and Bella memory is the day of the wedding. Before heading off on her honeymoon, Charlie tells Bella how much she means to him and the two share a meaningful moment.



Bryan and Kim Mills – Taken


Bryan and Kim Mills - Taken


Every girl wants a father who makes them feel safe and is willing to protect them from any kind of harm that comes their way. Bryan Mills represents the ultimate dad in Taken and Taken 2 as he takes down anyone who comes between him and his daughter. Kim is lucky to have such a fierce father figure in her life and their relationship benefits from the difficult situation that she faces.


George & Annie Banks – Father of the Bride


George and Annie Banks - Father of the Bride


In Father of the Bride, George might be having a hard time giving up his little girl, but in the end he accepts the wedding as a reality and the two have a major bonding moment.  On the night before her wedding, Annie and George play basketball in the driveway and hundreds of female viewers thought back to the times they played sports with their dad as a kid.


Graham, Sophie, and Olivia – The Holiday


The Holiday


Being a single dad and raising two daughters is no easy task. In The Holiday, Graham seems to be one of the greatest single parents we’ve ever seen. From being Mr. Napkin Head with his two adorable daughters to building a dreamy tent with fluffy pillows and hand-cut stars, Graham goes the extra step to make sure Sophie and Olivia have a great childhood. We love the moment when we find out that the father and his daughters call themselves “the three musketeers.”

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