Contra Zoom Pod 233: Canadian Screen Awards 2023

The ⁠Canadian Screen Awards⁠ just handed out awards for the best in film, television and web content. We look at the big winners in the film portion which included ⁠Brother⁠ dominating with 12 wins, ⁠Crimes of the Future⁠ with 2 wins and ⁠Alice, Darling⁠, ⁠Viking⁠, ⁠I Like Movies⁠, ⁠Riceboy Sleeps⁠ and ⁠Falcon Lake⁠ each winning 1 award. We also named our top five Canadian films from last year!

Dakota’s Top 5

  1. Brother
  2. ⁠Ashgrove⁠
  3. Crimes of the Future
  4. Viking
  5. Riceboy Sleeps

Rachel’s Top 5

  1. Riceboy Sleeps
  2. Brother
  3. ⁠Skinamirink⁠
  4. ⁠Slash/Back⁠
  5. Alice, Darling

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