Contra Zoom Pod Episode 222: Top Stories From 2022

We are back from our holiday break and it’s time to start looking back on the year 2022! We discuss some of the biggest news stories that dominated the film world. We look at how horror movies were dominating the box office (Scream 5, X, Pearl, Men) and some reinventing how word of mouth works (Terrifier 2), how RRR became a global phenomenon, the DC Films reshuffling and cancellation of projects, the Don’t Worry Darling drama and much more!

Read a timeline of the DWD drama.

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Read Dakota’s contributions to That Shelf’s The Best Films of 2022 and to Bil Antoniou’s The Criterion Shelf: A Tribute To Sony Pictures Classics.


Listen to Dakota doing some voice acting on Technically a Conversation’s A Christmas Séance episode!

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