Contra Zoom Pod Episode 247: Fantasia Fest Interviews – Satan Wants You and Where The Devil Roams Directors

Fantasia Festival is still going on, but we had the chance to interview two sets of directors who had their films screening at this years fest! First up is Steve J. Adams and Sean Horler, the directors of ⁠Satan Wants You⁠ a documentary about the start of the Satanic Panic. Second is Toby Poser, John, Zelda and Lulu Adams the team behind ⁠Where the Devil Roams⁠, about a murderous carnie family during the Depression Era.

Read Dakota’s review of ⁠Satan Wants You⁠ from Hot Docs earlier this year, and his review of ⁠Where The Devil Roams⁠.

Dakota has also reviewed ⁠river⁠, ⁠A Disturbance in the Force: How the Star Wars Holiday Special Happened⁠ and⁠ Baby Assassins 2 Babies⁠.

For more information on ⁠Satan Wants You⁠, follow ⁠Steve J Adams⁠ and ⁠Sean Horler⁠ on Twitter and ⁠Instagram⁠.


For more information on ⁠Where The Devil Roams⁠, follow them on ⁠Twitter⁠ and ⁠Instagram⁠.

Stay tuned for more great Fantasia Fest content!

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