Criterion Announces May Titles

If you collect movies, then you likely have a spot on your Dork Shelf for those valued Criterion discs. It’s bad enough that they’ve already catalogued so many classic films with great supplements that most of us could ever hope to experience all of them, but they’re still releasing new titles every month. They’ve already announced upcoming titles from some of the collection’s favourites, such as Fellini’s Sayricon, Trauffaut’s The Soft Skin, Jean Pierre Melville’s Le Silence de la Mer as well as THREE Errol Morris docs (with The Thin Blue Line on its own and Gates of Heaven/Vernon, Florida as a set).

Speculating each month’s release announcements based on newsletter clues, past releases, rumours and wishful thinking has become a pastime for many, including myself. Official announcements always come 2.5 months before the release month, so today we found out what movies we’ll either be discovering or re-experiencing come May 2015.


They are certainly continuing the trend of favouring certain directors. The new titles that will be added to the collection include Limelight, the sixth film from Charlie Chaplin that they’ve released.


If you include the eclipse box set of Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s early work, then The Merchant of Four Seasons will represent Fassbinder’s THIRTEENTH film in the collection.



They are also doubling down on Costa-Gravas, whose State of Siege and The Confession will be his third and fourth films to receive the special ‘C’ treatment.


The only newbie to collection is Mark Rydell, who will have The Rose smelling sweeter than ever this spring.

Five new titles in a month is a pretty big deal, especially when a weak month will only have two or three. For some reason none of them will be coming out in the first half of the month, but will all be squished into the last two weeks. In addition to the new titles, there will be a re-issue of Leo McCarey’s Make Way For Tomorrow, though at this time there is no exact date confirmed for that one.


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