CZP 236: Dr. No at 60 Years

The first James Bond film ⁠Dr. No⁠ was first seen outside the United Kingdom in May of 1963. We celebrate the 60th anniversary of the film franchise by revisiting the seminal action movie directed by Terrence Yonge and starring Sean Connery, Ursula Andress and Joseph Wiseman. After we discuss the movie we look back at the franchise as a whole including our favourite Bond actors, best theme songs and overall best movies. We then look ahead to who we want to play James Bond now that Daniel Craig is retired from the part. Joining the show is Matthew Simpson, one half of the ⁠Awesome Friday Podcast⁠.

Read Matthew’s Bond ⁠franchise recaps⁠.

Check out the comprehensive list of ⁠potential Bond actors⁠ post Craig.

There would have been a link here for an old episode referenced about the Bond franchise, but that episode seems to be lost to the sands of time!


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