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Darcy Waite Interview: “It Takes Ten Years to Be an Overnight Success”

Earlier this month, I sat down with Canadian filmmaker Darcy Waite. Waite is currently working on his first feature film, Lucky Strikes, a comedy set in the world of bowling that captures the goofball spirit of Dodgeball and Dumb and Dumber. 

The Winnipeg-based actor, writer, director, producer, and host has accomplished a great deal throughout his relatively young career, and I had a great time picking his brain about breaking into the entertainment industry and getting projects greenlit. 


Our conversation covers pitching ideas, finding mentors, and how programs like the imagineNATIVE Institute Screenwriting Features Lab in partnership with Netflix help up-and-coming artists bring their ideas to life. 

Watch the interview below and check out Waite’s work on That’s AWSM, DJ Burnt Bannock, and 7th Gen. 

Darcy Waite Interview: