Dave Bautista Tried To Be Cast In The Gears Of War Movie

Former wrestler and current Guardian of the Galaxy Dave Bautista is letting everyone know how much he wants a Gears of War movie. The actor lobbied studios to cast him as Marcus Fenix but as it is right now, the situation isn’t going in his favour.

Late last month, Rod Fergusson spoke to IGN about the movie and confirmed that the film would be set in an alternate reality and wholly separate from the established games. This is so that the movie doesn’t affect the canon the series has built up over the years and to allow for some freedom for the film.

Fergusson also agrees that Bautista would be an excellent Marcus Fenix but since he only deals with the games, casting the man who made Drax the Destroyer a highlight of the Marvel universe is out of his control. “Dave is great. I think Dave would be awesome in that role. Unfortunately, I don’t have casting control of what we do with that and whether we have the character that he would play.”

The Gears of War movie has been in development for some time, going as far back to 2016. New Line Cinema purchased the rights way back in 2007 but then we learned that Universal was developing the movie. Right now, we know that a draft of the script was being written by F. Scott Frasier.


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