Deadpool Discusses the Importance of Touching Yourself (for Cancer)

From the trailers to the billboards to the Halloween specials, the upcoming Deadpool movie has been absolutely killing its marketing campaign, and the streak continues with a couple of unexpected (and unexpectedly informative) public service announcements. The Merc with the Mouth sat down on a billiard table and played with his (billiard) balls to talk about you playing with your (testicular) balls, delivering matching his-and-hers videos about the importance of checking your naughty bits for cancer.

Of course, the videos do have a convenient promotional tie-in – Deadpool (aka Wade Wilson) signed up for the Weapon X program after being diagnosed with terminal cancer – but that doesn’t make him wrong and the videos are legitimately helpful despite Deadpool’s typically irreverent method of distributing information.

At this rate, I honestly hope that they keep advertising Deadpool long after the movie completes its theatrical run. After the Australia Day message, it’s gotten to the point where Deadpool can pop up to talk about anything for a hot minute, jumping off the screen to speak directly to the audience in a manner that recalls the character’s digressions in the comics. The live-action Deadpool is increasingly fulfilling the same exact role in our world that his comic book counterpart fulfills in the Marvel Universe, and it’s only fitting that Deadpool is the first character to truly make that leap.

I hope that Ryan Reynolds gets to keep the suit when this is over, because it’s fun to live in a world where Deadpool can just turn up wherever. Maybe we’ll see him again before Deadpool debuts on February 12.


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