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Death of Zorro #1 Review

Death of ZorroFive years ago, Dynamite Entertainment released a new on-going Lone Ranger comic, and though it might not have had market-shattering sales, it was a great read. Two years back though, the title was beset by some major delays, and creatively and financially it never recovered.

Three years ago, Dynamite also started producing their latest adaptation of the Mask of Zorro. While other might disagree with me, this title was lead from the first issue. No amount of John Cassaday covers or variants could overcome the fact that the interior art was mediocre at best. I had heard that the plotting was a fun and unique take on this well known character; much like the creative approach being taken on the Lone Ranger. But it didn’t matter. -no matter how many times I tried to read the comic based on its story merits, I couldn’t connect into the narrative because of its visual failings.

Fast forward to today. There is a new comic from Dynamite which has the two titles and their characters crossover in Death of Zorro #1. My first reaction on seeing the cover was “blatant marketing ploy to drum up interest in these failing books.” Then I thought “Let’s not be hasty and make uninformed judgements…” So I bought and read the book. Nope, my gut reaction was correct. That was $4 and twenty minutes I can never get back.

So, let’s not bring things like creator’s names or plot or illustration style into this review, because Dynamite Entertainment clearly didn’t bother with any of that when producing this comic. These two titles are clearly headed for the great discount bin in the sky, and I suspect that Dynamite Entertainment isn’t long for this world either. But at least if you read this review, you can save yourself some bills and fifteen minutes… Much better spent, say, reading the latest Birds of Prey.


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