Deliver Us From Evil

Deliver Us From Evil at The Carleton Cinema

Deliver Us From EvilAfter its Canadian Premiere at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival, its Quebec Premiere at the 2010 Fantasia International Film Festival, and a theatrical release in Montreal where it garnered raving reviews, DELIVER US FROM EVIL (original Danish title FRI OS FRA DET ONDE) will finally be screening in Toronto from October 8th at the Carlton Theatre with an English subtitled copy. The animated short film LAND OF THE HEADS, provided by the NFB, will be playing beforehand.

Lars and Johannes are brothers with very little in common. Johannes is a high-powered lawyer with a beautiful wife and two children; Lars is a truck driver and a drunken brute who beats his girlfriend. Having returned to his hometown in the country, Johannes hopes for a less hectic, more genuine lifestyle. But trouble is underfoot when Lars runs over a woman with his truck. He sees only one way out: put the blame on Alain, a Bosnian refugee with impaired mental functions. But when Lars, the God-fearing husband of the victim, and his friends close in on the Bosnian, Johannes stands up for the man and shelters him. Undeterred, the violent, drunken horde makes its way to Johannes’ secluded house, where the family and Alain fear for their lives. When words no longer suffice to contain the madness, a siege begins, in which unchained anarchy dictates a scenario of terror… DELIVER US FROM EVIL is a piercing insight into human nature driven berserk.

Written and Directed by Ole Bornedal (NIGHTWATCH, I AM DINA, THE SUBSTITUTE, JUST ANOTHER LOVE STORY), the film stars Lasse Rimmer (in his first film role, a famous Danish Stand-up comedian and TV personality), Lene Nystrøm (in her first film role and part of the pop band Aqua), Jens Andersen (ANJA & VIKTOR – FLAMING LOVE, POLLE FICTION), Pernille Vallentin (JUST LIKE HOME, NORDKRAFT) and Mogens Pedersen (in his first film role).

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