Snow Bunnies - Ed Wood

Dion Conflict presents Lost Ed Wood Jr Film ‘Snow Bunnies’!


Starring: Marsha Jordan, Rene Bond, Rick Lutz, Starline Comb
Director: A.C. Stephen
Writer: Ed Wood Jr.

THE CONFLICT ARCHIVES opens the vaults to present to you some lost Ed Wood Jr fare, not even on DVD and not seen on the big screen for many many decades, ANYWHERE! And if you’ve never seen the collaborative work between Ed Wood and Bulgaria’s A.C. Stephen, you are in for a treat indeed!

Nudie cutie film star Marsha Jordan stars as frustrated secretary Joan, who leaves the office drama to hit the slopes for fun and frolic! Ski school was never likes this with an education of many a slopes and curves! As the posters screamed, “A Blizzard of Fun! An Avalanche of Action!”, and it’s true!


Ed Wood Jr supposedly was paid with bounced checks by director A.C. Stephen, and what money he did get, supposedly went, as the director claimed “for booze”.

Regardless, Ed Wood’s unforgettable dialogue still continues to shine through these seldom seen productions with it’s oddball dialogue and the “out of step” interaction between characters. Along with the campy direction of A.C. Stephen, these lost works by the director of “Plan 9 from Outer Space” (voted the worst film of all time), are must see. And forget about trying to rent it on DVD, because they are so lost, they aren’t on DVD!

Not only is it Dion Conflict’s birthday, but this is a ONE TIME ONLY EVENT. Don’t miss your chance to see on the big screen this rare work by Ed Wood Jr!

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