Dork Shelf Podcasts Now On iTunes

Dork Shelf mascot: A dorky whale on a shelf

The Dork Shelf Podcasts can now be subscribed to on iTunes. Our bi-monthly shows discussing all the latest Dork goings on featuring Will, Lucas and Jeff and an assortment of wild and crazy guests are now easier than ever to listen to.

Just click the link below if you use iTunes and your subscription will download our first 2 shows and sync them to your iPod.  Every time a new podcast is posted it will automatically be downloaded by iTunes.

Subscribe to Dork Shelf Podcast @ iTunes

If you don’t use iTunes, the podcasts can still be listened to and downloaded directly from our site.  Alternatively you can subscribe to the Dork Shelf podcast RSS feed.  Finally you can get your Dork Shelf fix on the go… if we can surmount the massive technical difficulties we’ve been having.


Big thanks to goopymart for creating the Dork Shelf mascot!

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