Video: Copper Set Visit

Now in its second season, BBC America’s flagship series Copper is non-stop action and drama. Detective Kevin Corcoran (Tom Weston-Jones) and company have even more dirt and corruption to clean up around Five Points than last year. For those who haven’t seen the show, this elaborate period piece set in 1860s New York centers on the ‘coppers’ trying to keep order in the young, gang-run city during the nation`s biggest influx of immigrants.

Dork Shelf was fortunate enough to visit Copper‘s mammoth Toronto set where Five Points has been recreated inside what used to be the Fenwick Automotive factory. Cast members Weston-Jones, Kevin Ryan, Dylan Taylor, Kyle Schmid, and Ato Essandoh let us in on what’s bigger and better about season two, and why working on Copper has been such a fun and humbling experience.

As with all our interviewees, we found out what the cast members of Copper like to proudly display on their respective Dork Shelves (Spoiler alert: Most of them are comic nerds).

Tom Weston-Jones and Dylan Taylor feel they can get a little closer to the characters they play by hypothesizing other adventures they get into not seen on the show. Here are some Corcoran and O’Brien hijinks you won’t see on Copper.


The current season of Copper has already run in its entirety in the U.S., but Canadian network Showcase still has 8 of the 13 episodes left to air. Catch it this Sunday at 9pm.

(Full disclosure: The author of this feature is actor Dylan Taylor’s brother)

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