Escaping The Outside: How To Fight Off The Autumn Blues With Online Games

It may seem hard to believe but it really is actually August. Yes, August. We may still apparently be in the height of summer, but let’s face it, when it gets round to mid-August, thoughts just start to turn to that dreaded time of year when the leaves turn a little bit spectacular and the nights start closing in. Yes, it’s the challenge of enduring autumn that haunts us on the horizon, leaving us digging out our raincoats and hiding away our bathing suits.

However, it’s really not all bad news. While the outside might seem far less appealing than in June or July, there are still plenty of ways to combat the seasonal blues.

Escaping to Warmer Climes

Plenty of people want to escape to the world of warm temperatures and the climate offered by destinations like Hawaii, but let’s be honest: Most of us won’t get close to this part of the world other than through a virtual medium! Thankfully, as this Big Kahuna slot game review points out, there are also games on the market that enable those who play them to escape, at least virtually, to the land of sun and sand, so you can try out some of the different islands that make up Hawaii while commuting to work on a train with drizzle dashing the windows. Of course, it’s not the same as actually being in Hawaii, but if you end up winning the jackpot it may well help you to get there!


There are other games on the market that also offer the chance to take on warmer climates, like the heat and intensity of the Arabian Nights, or the allure of Ancient Egypt, but the appeal of Hawaii is pretty hard to beat when you want to escape the misery of autumn and winter. You could stay indoors and watch Prometheus, or any other Hollywood blockbuster, but they don’t quite entail the same levels of interactivity and instigate the same levels of adrenalin as video games.

Escape Courtesy of The Vikings

If you’re not sold on the concept of online slots providing true escapism, then there are of course other online games that you can enjoy to help with a hefty dose of denying the depths of autumn. You could start by getting involved with eSports, an area that has really started to take off and looks like it will experience huge success in 2017. This will allow you to experience all the good aspects of sport – competition, excitement, and teamwork – without venturing into the rain!


Alternatively, you could take on the world of massively multiplayer online games. These games, like Clash of Clans, Vikings: War of Clans, etc enable players to work together and socialise even when heading out of the house or condo isn’t possible.


One thing’s for sure, whatever your gaming choice may be, with the world of online games now a more varied and exciting one to explore, the horrible drudgery of the autumn and winter months is now more tempting than ever to escape virtually, with places like Hawaii available at the click of a button and in the palm of your hand!