Peaky Blinders Movie

Everything We Know About the Peaky Blinders Movie

It has been an engrossing year of television, but few shows generated as much excitement as Peaky Blinders. The final series, as a television show, aired in the United Kingdom this year, and was released on Netflix a few months after for the international viewers. However, before the final season had even aired, creator Steven Knight revealed that plans for a film to wrap up the show were in the works.

Following the end of the final season, fans are already speculating what could happen in the film. Alex, who writes for We Love Brum is a self-confessed Peaky addict, has rounded up everything we already know about the film.

When Could It Be Released?

After the gripping conclusion to the final season on the BBC, fans were asking themselves the same question revolving around when we could potentially see the Peaky Blinders on the big screen. However, no release date has yet been confirmed, and production still isn’t underway.

It has been speculated that we may not see the film until at least 2024, with plans likely to revolve around when the actors involved are free due to their busy commitments on other projects.


Who Will Be In The Film?

The casting will make for interesting reading when the film is released, as we may have seen the end of some characters following the conclusion of the most recent season. However, Cillian Murphy is widely expected to return to portray Tommy Shelby, and he will be joined alongside Paul Anderson, who plays Arthur. There is likely to be a more political story play out in the movie, which means both Sam Clafin and Amber Anderson are set to return and portray Oswald Mosley and Lady Diana, respectively.

We also expect Sophie Rundle to return as Ada, as she plays a pivotal role in Tommy’s career as a politician. It was also teased by Knight that Stephen Graham’s role in Peaky also isn’t over, and he will be a prominent figure in the film. However, we may have seen the end of Gina Gray and Alfie Solomons and Lizzie Shelby.

What Will The Film Be About?

We would expect the film to pick up right off the back of where the final season ended. In the closing scenes, we saw Tommy contemplating suicide after being told by a doctor that he has an inoperable tuberculoma. However, we find out towards the end of the episode that Tommy is fine, and that the false diagnosis was planned by Mosley and his ally Adolf Hitler. Tommy spares the doctor his life, but is reborn with a new challenge.

The film will likely centre around Tommy and Winston Churchill, and their plan to stop the Fascist movement before the start of the Second World War. It will be interesting to see the dynamics throughout the film, with all fans already looking forward to the potential meeting between the leader of the Peaky Blinders and Adolf Hitler. However, we still have a few years to wait before Peaky Blinders hits the big screen.