Vector Game + Art Convergence

Gallery: Vector Game + Art Convergence

Games and art merged at the appropriately named Vector: Game + Art Convergence festival this past weekend in Toronto. Here’s what we saw.

Photos by Dan Epstein

Tamara Yadao of foci+loci controls an on-screen performance through a PlayStation 3.
Toronto-based Toca Loca’s real-time performance of “Halo Ballet” in which artists choreograph electronic dancers in a ballet of Halo avatars to live music.
Installation coordinator and curator, Christine Kim, plays Bonus Look by Droqen, a half-blind co-op game in which one player cannot see the screen.
Royel Edwards talks to Jessie Lam about his game The Crave, produced at a Dames Making Games jam.
Games Studies scholar Cindy Poremba (middle) speaks at the Feminism in Games panel hosted by Dames Making Games at Bento Miso.
Co-director and screening programmer, Clint Enns, shows off some work at Propeller Gallery.
Alex Myers’ does not play well with others, in which the original Doom runs on four Nintendo Game Boy SP’s in a multiplayer hookup, on display at Propeller Gallery. Each screen has progressively worse distortion.
Vector’s Katie Micak, who curated and ran outreach & communications, playing Dys4ia at Propeller Gallery. Dys4ia, by game developer Anna Anthropy, deals with transgender identity in an 8-bit format.
A drum machine program for the ColecoVision, on display during the chip.jam workshop in the Interaccess studio.
Skot Deeming, co-director and curator of the festival, plays Zineth by Arcane Kids in Other Worlds, one of the festival’s main exhibitions at Interaccess.

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