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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 “Winterfell” Rewatch: Thoughts, Reactions, and Predictions

What hints does the season premiere have for what's in store for the last five episodes?

Thoughts on the Rewatch

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I find it really interesting that the Hound has made an allegiance with Daenerys. Perhaps I missed something in season seven, but I don’t recall him having a reason for going south with Jon and Daenerys to King’s Landing, other than to help with the wight they brought as proof of the undead threat. This path for him sets him up for #CleganeBowl2K19 and the Arya reunion we get in this episode. On the flip side of the coin, it makes sense that Gendry has allied with Daenerys via Jon Snow because his true allegiance is to Ser Davos (who is currently not Hand of the King to the Not King in the North?).

I’m glad to see that the Dothraki are warming up to their outfits but man, the Unsullied cannot be warm in their thin leather armor. I know they are trained for anything and can have nipples sliced off without reacting, but in Essos, they really didn’t have the ability to desensitize them to the cold. This could very well become a problem for the Unsullied in the future.

There was also a racially charged vibe from the northern villagers looking at Missandei and Grey Worm, and at Missandei’s facial expression in return. Is it just because they’re a foreign army coming ‘uninvited’ to the North? Or is there really some prejudice against those of different skin tones?

I have a couple of notes about the dragons in this opening scene. Jon says “I warned you, Northerners don’t like outsiders.” Then the dragons come, and pretty much everyone (except Arya who stands there and says “cool” with her face) starts running and Daenerys smirks. This smile I take as initially being happy to see her dragons but then it turns into satisfaction that the Northerners are afraid of her dragons, meaning they’re afraid of her. That’s Dark Dany in the making. Please be advised that I use Dark Dany and not Evil Dany because she always has good intentions but often bad actions – but that is a whole other piece I could write and probably will at some point.


And despite what the internet says, I do not think that Sansa is afraid of the dragons. She has a similar look on her face as Arya, but less “that’s awesome” and more “holy shit that’s a real life dragon.” Imma be honest with you, if a dragon goes flying over my head, I’m going to have a similar reaction. But at the end of the shot, she looks resigned. To me this means she realizes the implications of dragons being present in the North. Daenerys has the power here even though it is not her territory.

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Ladies and gentlemen and non-binaries of That Shelf, I want to say I TOLD YOU SO. In my predictions piece a few weeks back I said that Arya would jump in Jon’s arms when they reunited and for a moment she’d be a little girl again and not a bad ass assassin. And that is the payoff we received! I’m gloating and will be gloating until Sunday at 21:00 EST. Thank you very much, I know, I know thank you.

People have been focusing on the verbal exchange between Sansa and Daenerys, “What do dragons eat anyways?”/“Whatever they want.”, as sparing words between the two women. But it’s a valid question and a valid answer. It is the look that Daenerys gives Sansa that is provoking.

Euron’s wittiness from last season is gone. This season and I find him irksome and gross. I wait for his scenes to end at this point.


“If you want a whore, buy one. If you want a queen, earn her.” Yet another valuable lesson we can learn from Cersei. These are powerful words that anyone, not just women, can learn from. However, this sentiment is sadly undone seconds later when she caves to Euron’s peer pressure.

I am really annoyed with where we are at this point in this show and naked women. They are beautiful, yes. But if we’re going to get boobs and ass, can we not get Bronn’s ass and a little bit more as well? I wouldn’t have an issue with the nudity if it were equal, but it’s not.

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I really think that Cersei lost the baby she told Tyrion and Jaime she had. For one, she’s drinking wine and for another, after Euron tells her he wants to give her a son and leaves the room, she has tears in her eyes. Maggy the Frog told her that she would have three children. I am taking this to meant that she cannot have any more and it is making her sad and mad – in a crazy sense of the word.

It makes so much sense for Yara to prepare the Iron Islands for Daenerys if/when both Winterfell and King’s Landing fall to the dead. Also, what poetic justice it would be since the mainlanders continuously shit on and make fun of the Iron Islands that it ends up being the one place in Westeros where they are safe (along with other islands such as Tarth).


Does anybody’s head get cold? Especially Varys! Man, I’m freezing just watching them walk around without hats on.

Somewhere a while ago I predicted that Gendry would become master of arms or head blacksmith, or whatever the proper title is, of Winterfell. And he is! Of course he is. He took over the smithy in King’s Landing, the next step is running a small city like Winterfell!

I’m not sure I understand why people can’t understand why Sam is upset over his father being executed aka burned alive. At the same time, Daenerys telling Sam about his father and brother was probably the smartest thing she’s done in a long time and the smartest thing she’s done while in the North.

Is that old friend that Bran is waiting for, Jamie? Is Jaime going to some how become important to Bran – perhaps sacrifice himself for him or even save him?


The Umber kid’s wight scream is straight out of nightmares.


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